• Lucid Springs

    Ferrin & Morris are back with another big tune loaded with an all-epic atmosphere. Whatever you're looking for this package is for everyone!

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  • Prophecy

    A truly epic break right next to a sweet portion of drive spiced up with wonderful melodies - that's all you need and get with this release.

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  • Celebrity

    Ferrin & Morris - next round! Since you surely loved their latest treat it's time to move on: driving, melodic and explosive in the Original Mix.

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  • Precious Times

    "Precious Times" is nothing more but the consequence of the extensively supported "Atlanta", full of atmosphere, groovy beats and catchy melodies.

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  • Alan Morris - Jericho


    The special oriental touch, emotional vocals and a symbiosis of "real" and synthetic instruments deliver a goosebumps track all along the line.

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  • Josh Ferrin - Apollo


    Being the mastermind behind Ferrin & Low, Discodyne and some well-known DJs Josh Ferrin delivers a perfect trance composition again.

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  • Hyperion

    An energy filled trance tune, including a great progressive mix by Hammer & Amboss and a newcomer remix by Perry & Sanchez.

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  • Soothsayer

    Vengeance joins forces with Hammer & Amboss, together being "Condition 4". Be sure to do their 1st release's quality check on your own.

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