• Alan Morris - Second Face

    Second Face

    Combining energy and euphoric trance elements, this is for sure a floor favorite for your next festival.

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  • Ferrin & Morris and Aneym - Under Your Spell

    Under Your Spell

    Ferrin & Morris kick off the new year with their single 'Under Your Spell' in collaboration with the vocalist Aneym.                      

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  • Ferrin & Morris - Light In The Dark (Re:Locate vs. Robert Nickson Remix)

    Light In The Dark (Remix)

    The renowned producers Re:Locate and Nickson deliver a cool remix packed with uplifting melodies, beautiful atmosphere and great euphoria.                      

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  • Sonic Element - Evolve


    Sonic Element is back on Transistic and says goodbye to all his fans with what is probably his last single ever - "Evolve".                      

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  • Alan Morris - Lost Forever

    Lost Forever

    'Lost Forever' is an outstanding track with a cinematic piano break which will touch your heart for sure.                              

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  • Ferrin & Morris - Light In The Dark

    Light In The Dark

    'Light In The Dark' is a pure magic tune with powerful beats, heavenly atmosphere, euphoric lead sounds and outstanding melodies.

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  • Sonic Element - Vulnerable (Alan Morris Remix)

    Vulnerable (Remix)

    After great support for the Original Mix of Sonic Element's 'Vulnerable' track, German producer Alan Morris delivers his uplifting version on Transistic!

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  • Beatsole - Let Me Drive

    Let Me Drive

    The rising talent Beatsole delivers a powerful track packed with catchy melodies, driving beats, warm pads and an emotional breakdown.

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